Assessment Tools

Center directors, technical assistance specialists, and researchers . . . 

Expand your repertoire of valid and reliable assessment tools by learning about the Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES), the Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey (ECJSS), the Program Administration Scale (PAS), and the Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS).

The Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES)ECWES - new
Supportive and rewarding work environments enable programs to attract and retain high-quality staff. Assessing the organizational climate of a center using the Early Childhood Work Environment Survey (ECWES) is one way directors and technical assistance specialists help programs create a great place to work. [Learn more]

The Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey (ECJSS)ECJSS
The Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey (ECJSS) can serve as a useful career guidance and goal-setting tool for early childhood practitioners seeking greater insight into the factors that support job fulfillment. The ECJSS is also a powerful tool for researchers investigating workplace factors that impact job satisfaction.
[Learn more]

Blueprint for Action Assessment Tools and Worksheets CD-ROM or Flash DriveBlueprint CD
From the best seller, Blueprint for Action, the 26 assessment tools and 12 worksheets on this CD-ROM can be reproduced for professional development or assessment purposes at your school or center. Each assessment tool comes with background information on the development of the assessment, directions for administering and scoring the assessment, and suggestions on how to use the results. Permission for large-scale reproduction for training or research purposes must be obtained from New Horizons. Click here to preview a list of the assessment tools and worksheets included. [Learn more]

Program Administration Scale (PAS) 

PAS coverThe Program Administration Scale (PAS) can serve as a valuable framework for training and quality improvement efforts in the area of leadership and management practices. The quality rubrics detail incremental steps for improving organizational practices one step at a time. [Learn more] 

Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS) 

BAScoverEffective business practices are essential for operating a high-quality family child care program. The Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS) can serve as a useful framework for training and quality improvement efforts in family child care settings. [Learn more]

BASspanish Also available in Spanish [Learn more]

Conducting research using the ECWES or ECJSS?9780997212266
New Horizons recommends that you purchase the technical manual Measuring Work Attitudes if you are conducting research using the ECWES or ECJSS. The manual will assist in administration, scoring, interpretation, and normative comparisons, all of which are necessary for appropriate use of the instruments for research purposes. [Learn more]

“The quality of ECE has long been considered a critical mechanism for closing the achievement gap, but the ability of ECE providers to be effective caregivers and teachers rests on the quality of the work environment for adults. New Horizons’ family of assessment tools—ECWES, ECJSS, PAS, BAS—provide researchers and technical assistance providers with critical resources needed to measure and improve administrative polices, leadership practices, and organizational climate to enable developmentally appropriate caregiving and instruction, and the retention of effective teaching staff.”   –Diana Schaack, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, San Diego State University