Circle of Influence Trainer’s Guide
May 7, 2015




This guide gives you the tools you need to deliver a successful workshop on the essentials of shared decision making and participative management. It is built on the concepts and exercises presented in Circle of Influence: Implementing Shared Decision Making and Participative Management. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for planning and presenting a dynamic, informative workshop that will help participants become more reflective and skilled in management practices that encourage commitment to shared goals.

This trainer’s guide includes the following:

  • An overview of the workshop goals, audience, and learning outcomes
  • The essentials of workshop design including training principles, room setup, timing and pacing of activities, and a list of equipment and supplies needed
  • Workshop at a glance— a summary of the topics, activities, materials, and timing for this one-day workshop
  • 8 learning activities with notes on how to implement them
  • 8 handouts to reproduce for participants
  • 27 black and white overhead transparency masters to use during your presentation
  • 2 sample flip-chart pages
  • 27 slides for a PowerPoint presentation
  • 2 follow-up assignments for participants to help make the concepts stick

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