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Leadership in Action Trainer’s Guide | New Horizons | Mobile Version
Leadership in Action Trainer’s Guide
May 7, 2015




This guide gives you the tools you need to deliver a successful workshop on the topic of leadership in early care and education. It is built on the concepts and exercises presented in Leadership in Action: How Effective Directors Get Things Done. It provides step-by-step instructions for planning and presenting a dynamic, informative workshop that will help participants become more effective in their leadership roles regardless of the type of early childhood organization they may work for.

The trainer’s guide includes the following:

  • An overview of the workshop goals, audience, and learning outcomes
  • The essentials of workshop design, including training principles, room setup, timing and pacing of activities, and a list of equipment and supplies needed
  • Workshop at a glanceā€”a summary of the topics, activities, materials, and timing for this one-day workshop
  • 19 learning activities with notes on how to implement them
  • 13 handouts to reproduce for participants
  • 36 black-and-white overhead transparency masters to use during your presentation
  • 8 sample flip-chart pages
  • 36 slides for a PowerPoint presentation
  • 3 follow-up assignments for participants to help make the concepts stick

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