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Good training has never been more important and good trainers have never been in more demand. As workshop leader, your job is to ignite a passion for learning and engage your participants as active partners in the learning process. This book will help you achieve that goal. It provides the tools you need to design and deliver high-content, high-involvement, and high-energy training.

If you are a novice at presenting workshops, you’ll find Workshop Essentials an indispensable resource to get you started. It’ll help you gain the confidence you need to communicate your ideas with conviction, control, and poise. You’ll learn how to organize your ideas, set up the learning environment, and deal with anxiety. If you are a seasoned trainer, the tips and techniques in Workshop Essentials will help you sharpen your presentation skills so you can respond to the subtle cues in your participants’ expressions, questions, and responses. You’ll learn how to anchor your message in the hearts and minds of the participants attending your training.

Workshop Essentials will help you…

  • tailor your training to the needs of adult learners
  • set up the physical environment to support learning
  • establish and maintain rapport
  • communicate with clarity
  • add spontaneity and humor to your presentations
  • create eye-catching visuals
  • handle challenging situations
  • evaluate the effectiveness of your training

2000, soft cover, perfect bound, 230 pages, 9 x 12, ISBN: 9780962189449


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    “As a new Education Coordinator with Head Start, I was responsible for planning and presenting trainings for our staff. I was new to the training world and Paula Jorde Bloom’s book, Workshop Essentials, was such a blessing! It offered a wealth of strategies and gave me the tools I needed to succeed in developing successful workshops. Workshop Essentials continues to be an indispensable tool in my training toolbox!”
    –Barb Volpe, IDHS Assessment Coordinator

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    “Workshop Essentials has made me look like a rock star far more than I’ve ever deserved, and I am deeply grateful. I’ve recommended this book to others and have even make it required reading for presenters who want to work with our association.”
    –D’Arcy Maher, Association of Christian Schools International

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